Theobroma - Food of the Gods

Tidbits of life from a simple Syrian-Californian girl.

About Me

I'm Sally.  I have a degree in Biochemistry from UC San Diego but I don't identify as a Biochemist.  Rather I consider myself a writer, a food critic and a chocolate connoisseur.  I live to travel and eat good food.  I enjoy tea tremendously.  I love to cook but usually don't enjoy the food I make as I love to cook for others and like to eat food that others create.  I enjoy the sun.  I definitely consider myself a people person and will to talk to just about anybody.  I was born in Syria and see my life as a manifestation of Syrian and Californian culture.  I adore my mom and really respect strong women.  I recently read that "time is how you spend your love."  I want to spend my love on the people that make me feel good and on the things that make me happy.  I don't believe that life should be lived any other way.